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Services & Products

Housing (Veterans): The Malachi House International in partnership with Veteran Administration has a transitional house for homeless veterans. This is a program house and guidelines must be adhered to.

Products: Books

The Power of Leadership by Dr. Mickey K. Collins

Dr. Mickey Collins is the author of a popular leadership book entitled: The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God.

Book Overview: The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God explores character development in terms of the Fruit of the Spirit. It highlights biblical values such as honesty, integrity, and credibility as the foundation of godly character. In these postmodern times, when leaders are falling from grace because of various scandals, lack of integrity, and greed, it is imperative that Christian leaders take the forefront and begin to lead with boldness, honesty, and righteousness by using biblical principles and practices that Jesus modeled when training His disciples. The Power of Leadership: The Heartbeat of God provides a practical approach to leadership. It contains scripture references and scenarios where biblical solutions are applied. Click here to buy the book.

Services: Training: The Malachi House International provides training and educational programs in six areas:

  • Personal accountability
  • Communication skills
  • Employability
  • Life skills/ self-esteem
  • Transition/change management
  • Leadership Development

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